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I am a graduate from the BA (Hons) Arts Therapies degree course at Derby University. This course equips students with theoretical knowledge of the therapeutic arts, and allows the individual to develop creative work in their chosen art pathway. During my studies I became interested in the potential to express the subconscious through art making, and this approach has developed over the years. My work provides me with a way of exorcising demons, being playful and expressing a range of emotions that may be difficult to connect with on a rational level.

I am first and foremost a painter, but I am also particularly interested in finding new ways to manipulate other mediums, and often combine sculptural elements with painting techniques in my work. Themes of natural form, colour as a way of expressing emotion and the internal working of the human body are often present in my work. I draw influence from many sources, but prefer to work in a spontaneous and free way that allows the image to take shape as I am painting, rather than coming to the piece with a set idea of how it will look when finished. Because of this, each piece of work is unique and a one off.

My work features in private collections in London, Weston-super-Mare, Bristol, Perenporth and Bath. I was also successful in securing a commission to complete a large scale body of work to be displayed in the corporate areas of Bristol International Airport.


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